Friday, December 5, 2008

Resurrection Fern

This is my new favorite blog:

Cute nature inspired crafts, with a side of cats and grandchildren.
I enjoy it even though it's mostly knitting and crocheting. If I
could knit or crochet, I would make these types of adorables.

I am a secret [secret?] nature dork, always hoping to find non-country style nature crafts. I guess kinda like Martha Stewart's stuff. Resurrection fern wanders her woods behind her house in Canada for inspiration, then photographs the results. Crocheted stones, mini mushrooms, fabric scrap pinecones.

For today's post she is offering up, free, all of her one day
tutorials to encourage us to make our christmas / holiday gifts this year.

And here's some happy eye candy.

yep, she really made this, all by hand, even the buttons.
yes, I know.
[ it's a kid's shirt.]

Urg,, this hurts my stomach it's so cute.

Check her out.

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