Sunday, April 3, 2011

previously published 4/3/2011 Does your car need repairs? has all the info you need!

Have you seen the website You can search for your car problem in the search box provided, then see many questions and answers by forum members and experts at

I have a much loved 1996 Toyota Corolla with under 160,000 miles on it. Recently the automatic transmission had to have an overhaul, and searching I found information about that issue. I then found a tab called just for reported problems.  You search for your make, model and  year and it lists repairpal verified known issues. Who knew that my car's automatic transmission has problems shifting at high mileages?! That sounds like it might be just a little bit important to know when driving on the highway!

I then searched for my boyfriend's car, a 1999 VW Golf  at  Geez, his car has some known issues, too. I told him some of them, like issues with his engine overheating, and also difficulty when shifting at high speeds. I read these aloud to him, and he agreed that those would be very good to know about! I am going to forward this website to my friends and family members. also has Recalls for every car, Questions and Answers for each car, Ratings & Reviews for those looking to buy a car. They have repair estimates, a search feature to find a local repair shop and the ability to create an account and save individual cars to your account. Really, has everything one could want in a site devoted to car repairs. These are just some of the categories about auto repair that this has, there are many more.

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