Monday, April 4, 2011

previously published 4/3/2011 Grab a deal on ink at!

Don't you hate going to your local big box store to search for ink for your printer, and you find that they don't even have your ink brand? Or, they only have one or two for printer models that just came out that year? That's where shopping for your ink cartridges online comes in super handy!

Do you have a Dell printer? Laser or inkjet, one of the best places to buy Dell printer ink is at   Many bricks and mortar stores still only stock inkjet printer ink. Shopping online assures that the store will carry your laser ink cartridges.

One of the bonuses of shopping online is receiving your Dell ink cartridges directly at your house. Nothing beats online shopping for ease of use. It takes just steps to your mail box, versus driving around searching for an empty parking spot. has three ways to locate your Dell ink: a drop down menu showing all the series, a drop down menu showing all the Dell cartridges by number, and a search box. I prefer the searching with the cartridge number menu. Just take your old cartridge out of your printer, and browse all the numbers until you find the one matching yours.


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