Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bring in the new year with style

Bring in the new year with style 200 words
A quality watch . . . . . is one of the finest, most precise, most carefully made mechanisms in the world. We are an authorized reseller of some of the best brands are ridiculously low prices, with FREE 2-day shipping

Recently I wrote a very positive review about the watch website
I had written how I wanted a specific watch from that shop, and how I wanted to get my husband a Citizen Eco-drive watch.
Well, my husband surprised me with the watch I reviewed for Christmas!! I am so thrilled with it. It looks beautiful on my wrist. They had free 2-day shipping, so it arrived just in time for Christmas Day!!

My brother's birthday is coming up in March, and I know that he has been dying for a new watch. He likes the kinds that are self running, like the Eco-drive. So, I decided to browse Blue Dial to see what brands also carried similar watches. It turns out that Seiko watches also carry their own version, the Seiko Kinetic. These watches have an automatic power generator, which is powered by the motion of your wrist. My brother is very green, and wanted one of these partly because there are no batteries, which contaminate the groundsoil if thrown away. He is also very active, so I wanted to get him a style with a black rubber diver's strap.
I decided on the Seiko SKA413 Mens Watch Kinetic Dive Watch Black Dial Strap - USA model of SKA371P2. Here it is:

It has a contemporary yet classic face, and I like the silver and black contrast. I am going to order this right away. I love this site!

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