Friday, January 27, 2012

Considering exhibiting at a trade show or craft fair? Here is some info about setting up.

Is your company thinking about exhibiting at trade shows? Are you confused about what types of items to buy to display your name and logo? Are you a crafter considering setting up a tent at a craft fair? Are you a Renaissance Fair exhibitor? Below I will explain about the different branded items you can use to advertise and display your goods and services.
Your most important item is the tent or canopy. You will use this to stand behind, with large branding on the top tent, and optional branded side walls. You will set up your tables and chairs inside. You can go with a plain white one, with steel frames, for the most cost effective option. Or you could go with a sunproof single color or multi color logo canopy that pops up, with no tools needed. These ones are lighter with aluminum frames and easy height adjustment.

A bright and colorful draw to your trade show exhibit is using trade show carpet. This isn't plain solid colored carpeting. This is colorfully branded carpet tiles that you lay under your canopy and extend out a couple feet. This is an inviting entryway to your exhibit.

If you want more impact and draw to your booth, you could also add logo mats around your booth. You could place these on top of the trade show carpeting, or if you wanted a simpler look, you could just use the logo mat. These act as a sort of welcome mat to your exhibit.

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