Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you need internet exposure? Do you have a Google Place listing?

Do you feel the need to make your business more prominent on the internet? Do you have a bricks and mortar store only, without a website or Facebook page? Then you must consider using to help drive business to you via their local search optimization. Local search optimization is the process of bumping your business' internet search results to a higher position on the results page. Most people just use the first page of results listings, so if you are on the second page of listings, you will not get as much business traffic.

Their company uses local business marketing to drive customers to your Google Place page and your Bing Local page. What are those, you ask? Google Place pages  and Bing Local pages present an internet user with the details of your business: its name, what you provide, your location with a link to Google Maps with directions if the user needs them, your hours and your contact information. So, for example, if someone in your town were to search for Liquor Store and the name of your town and state, only the local liquor stores with a Google Place page would show up first on the search results page. Showing up first is the goal with any internet search engine. So, your competitors will show up, and the user will probably consider those shops over yours, if you are listed.

Using local search engine marketing, this company takes control and fills in your listings. They keep you updated with any changes that you specify.  Instead of or in addition to investing in expensive Yellow Pages that are slowly fading away in popularity with the use of the internet, instantly increase your traffic to your business using RevLocal. RevLocal will help you every step of the way, especially if you are new to internet based marketing.

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