Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are you wondering how to bet online on sports?

Did the recent Superbowl make you want to gamble on the game? Were you positive the Giants were going to win, and then were frustrated after that you didn't bet? Are you calculating the amount you could have won?

Do you not know where to start with online sports betting?  They review major sports betting sites and recommend the most trusted ones. They explain how to bet online with helpful tips. They tell you all about sports betting odds, rules and point spreads. They have a convenient news section with important sports news regarding betting. There is a helpful scoreboard for the most recent games. This site has thoroughly examined the sites that they recommend. They list the top ten most reliable sportsbook sites. They all have been online at least ten years.

Sports Betting Spot also has a popular Facebook page with regularly updated sports news. The Bets Calculator allows you to pick the sport you are interested in. Then you choose the game that you want to bet on. It shows the odds for each team to win, then you add in your bid amount to see what you would win. You don't actually bid there, it is to show you how  much you could win.

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