Friday, December 19, 2008

Live Auction Goodies - First Come First Served

Two years ago bf and I started attending local live auctions to look for items to sell on ebay. I was hoping to make a killing, and have a part-time income. Bf's mother is a Powerseller on ebay. If his 60-something mom can rake it in, how hard could it be? Turns out it's not hard if your auctions are in New Hampshire where the bids on quality goods are at least half what they are in Massachusetts. Jump to today, someone has boxes of auction goodies that didn't sell on ebay, or wouldn't sell for enough to make a profit. Vintage treasures that one usually sees in antique stores, but now are a dime a dozen online. We are moving soon (yay! hallelujah!), and I don't want to trudge these boxes from place to place.

I was going to give these away free, not including shipping. I've since decided to ask for donations, if anyone wants any of the items I posted below. I will show better pictures asap.  The donations will go to my new local charity: Westfield Homeless Cat Project. I'm donating all of my ebay stuff to them for their giant indoor tag sale on February 7 and 8 at St. Rocco's Club at 300 Elm St. in Westfield MA. They are still accepting donations of items, too, so if anyone has any stuff they'd like to donate, I'll bring it to them.

My new apartment allows at least one cat, so I might try to get my cat from this wonderful woman's nonprofit. I guess then I'll become a crazy cat blogger.

This was my previous offer: Here's my offer: every day I'll post one (*maybe more*) auction treasure. The first commenter who describes their favorite teeny.tiny.cute craft or object (not mine, necessarily) and puts a link to my blog on your blog will get the treasure, free. I will post your link, too, of course.

Please have paypal, and I will post the approximate shipping costs that you will have to pay. In the US, I usually ship via the Post Office's Priority Mail, and they have flat rate boxes/envelopes for approximately $9.60 or so. This is almost always cheaper than the weighed and measured First Class rate.

Here's a sneak peek:

"Westfield Homeless Cat Project:
We will be having a TAG SALE on February 7th & 8th to raise funds for the Westfield Homeless Cat Project.....A no kill cat and kitten rescue located in Westfield MA. It will be held at St. Rocco's
Club at 300 Elm St. in Westfield MA. If you or anyone you know would  like to donate items please contact us Thank you for all you do for the animals."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Resurrection Fern

This is my new favorite blog:

Cute nature inspired crafts, with a side of cats and grandchildren.
I enjoy it even though it's mostly knitting and crocheting. If I
could knit or crochet, I would make these types of adorables.

I am a secret [secret?] nature dork, always hoping to find non-country style nature crafts. I guess kinda like Martha Stewart's stuff. Resurrection fern wanders her woods behind her house in Canada for inspiration, then photographs the results. Crocheted stones, mini mushrooms, fabric scrap pinecones.

For today's post she is offering up, free, all of her one day
tutorials to encourage us to make our christmas / holiday gifts this year.

And here's some happy eye candy.

yep, she really made this, all by hand, even the buttons.
yes, I know.
[ it's a kid's shirt.]

Urg,, this hurts my stomach it's so cute.

Check her out.