Saturday, August 22, 2009

Simon's Cat 'Fly Guy'

As usual, Simon hits the nail on the head with this video

Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation: Suiseki

I was looking around to see how hard it is to grow bonsai from seed, and found another amazing miniature Japanese obsession: Japanese suiseki.

It truly is the "Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation." Rocks are sought after that mimic larger natural landscapes, like buttes, and mountains. Teeny weeny mountains.

Browse this book online:

The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation

By Vincent T. Covello, Yuji Yoshimura
Offers aesthetic guidance and practical advice for the delicate art of miniature landscape creation.

More details

The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation: Suiseki and Its Use with Bonsai
By Vincent T. Covello, Yuji Yoshimura
Contributor Yuji Yoshimura
Edition: reprint, illustrated
Published by Tuttle Publishing, 1996
ISBN 0804820473, 9780804820479
166 pages

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're moving!

We've been looking for a new place for a while now. This is partly why I haven't been posting. We currently live in a 350 square foot apartment. That means that our kitchen/living room is about 15 x 10, there is a bathroom in between that and the 10 x 12 bedroom. For two people, two packrats with computer obsessions. At its worst, only one person could be upright and standing/moving at a time. Seriously. It was most recently at its worst.
So, finally, we got a sweet gorgeous apartment.
I'll be blogging more about it coming up. Since it is sooo spacious, we'll have room to actually sort through and sell off/donate stuff. Awesome stuff.

Here are some photos:

First, the view out the back of the mountain range.

The kitchen, off of the back porch,
with the bathroom through the door on the right,
and the main bedroom to the left.

The largest living room, there are two, with the main
bedroom on the left, and the kitchen on the right.

Back second bedroom:

Main living room, viewing second living room :

Main bedroom:

The wood floors are stunning, and we're within a 5 minute walk to everything.
There is also another bedroom in the front, off of the front living room.