Thursday, October 9, 2008

send help. stop. head exploding. stop. please send this to me asap. stop. am running out of kleenex. stop.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Green Blog Carnival - guess who got invited?

I was asked to submit one of my posts to the 6th Carnival of Green Crafts by the carnival's originator from Crafting a Green World. The 6th one is hosted at the cutest canadian craft site: Check me out! I'm absolutely thrilled and honored!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fabric dollhouse start with Brimfield finds

Okay, I've finally started on my version of's fabric dollhouse tutorial. I had been wracking my brain trying to figure out an alternative to the counted cross stitch plastic interlayer. I a. didn't want to use plastic, if possible, and b. didn't want to have to buy something new. I was debating using cardboard, plastic from takeout chinese food containers, wood. I thought book covers would work, I just can't bring myself to break apart books in the name of craft. Finally, at the Salvation Army I decided to look through hardcover non-fiction and the kids' books. My bf found the perfect victim first: ALaddin, the story from the Disney movie, not even the original Aladdin story. Next I found a marketing book to children: a Precious Moments, A Day at the Circus Golden Book. Both only serve to sell products to children, I think, and I abhor circuses with animals. So, no guilt, and the item they help create will be for a child. I need a few more pieces of book board, so I looked through one of our many "Free" boxes we put out on the curb, and found an early 80's, thus outdated medical technique book: Craniographic Positioning with Comparison Studies, with slight mold on its covers. I'm going to use the covers for the dollhouse after washing with white vinegar, and we're going to save the best skull xrays for crafts. The leftover pages from
all will be tossed into a free box for craft supplies for a lucky scavenger.

I plan on covering the dollhouse with fabric from my Brimfield score, and use the buttons for the closures. Stay tuned for the next part, hopefully on Saturday. We're going away on Friday overnight and I'm busy all day Thursday.