Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fabric dollhouse tutorial

UK lass in US: Fabric dollhouse tutorial
I've always wanted to make one of these. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had a gift shop in the mall near my hometown. They sold these intricate gorgeous fabric creations similar to this dollhouse: a barn, a mother goose with the fabric stories in pockets in her wings, and more that I can't remember. That shop closed, and I haven't been to the one in Boston in a long long while. Even if I did, they were at least $50, I think even $85 for the Mother Goose, so I couldn't buy one to copy. I did buy one of each for two little girls in my family. I had a squirrel log home half fabric, half fake wood plastic, that was my most favorite toy as a child. My next project will be this beautiful dollhouse from uklassinus.


Lil D said...

I'm so glad that you liked the tutorial - I can't wait to see what you make.

Carrie said...

Hi lil d,
thank you for leaving the comment, it reminded me to get off my rear and start making it. Mine is going to be very small, as I'm lazy and trying to use up a small piece of cross stitch material. I'll definitely post it to your flickr and blog!!