Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surprise porch visitor

Two nights ago, I turned on our porch light at 800pm in order to collect bugs for our pet house spiders (more on that in another post). Around 930pm my boyfriend comes in from his cigarette and asks:

"Do you want to see the cutest thing in the whole world?"

Of course!

I immediately went to the porch rail and looked over, thinking it was either baby skunks or neighbor cat related.

He said, "No, turn around."

And, on top of one of our plastic porch chairs (we're on the second floor) was the brightest green tiny little frog. It had to be only 3/4" long. This was the best pic we got with his iphone, it's very grainy.
It was sitting so calmly, seeming to stare at the outside walls, where all the bugs were. My bf tried to pick it up, but it just moved sideways. It was fearless. We picked bugs off the wall and put them very close to him. I missed the first chomp, but he took a little squiggly black bug we'd put in some water on the top of the chair. He slowly advanced about two steps, frozen in between, like a cat, then glomped his mouth right over it. We've been inviting him back, calling to him over the field next door, but nothing. He was seriously the tiniest cutest thing I've ever seen in New England. I'd never seen a bright green frog before.

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