Monday, December 5, 2011

A simple, elegant gift for Christmas. A watch!

          Have you struggled to find a perfect gift for that certain someone for Christmas or Hanukkah? Is your significant other into the latest tech gadgets? Do they always want the newest cell phone? I know that when my husband got his first iPhone and I would ask him what time it was, it seemed a little ridiculous to me to have to wait for him to a. pull it out of his pocket b. power it on, and then c. slide it to on in order for me to know the time.
         I wished he just wore a watch, or better yet, he had bought me a nice watch. It is so elegant to see a watch on a wrist, so classic and gentlemanly. So, I decided to buy him a watch for Christmas this year.  And, I asked for a watch for myself. He doesn't know that he is getting one, too. Shh, it's a surprise!
        We are both recycling nuts and try to do our part for the environment. So, I went to this site a friend had recommended to me to look for 
ladies' watches to see what they had in terms of eco type watches. It turns out that they sell the Citizen Eco Drive watch, both for men and women. These watches require no batteries, so you don't have to be buying batteries constantly, then just throwing them into the landfill. Their prices are ridiculously low, too. I'm not a super girly girl, so I wanted something simple and elegant. They have a ton of selections, some with swarovski crystal.
        I finally decided on this one

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to open it up on Christmas Day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Silver Jewellry for Christmas Gifts at

Many of my readers are non-US based. Christmas is fast approaching, and I hope to help my UK readers find some XMas gifts. Sterling Silver Jewellery is a classic and trendy gift idea for the ladies in your life. Silver Supermarket carries rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Every piece is .925 Sterling Silver and their prices can't be beat! If I lived in the UK, I'd ask for an Emerald Cut Pink Cubic Zirconia Pendant for only £8.99! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Deserving Eyes Buy Their Eyeglasses at

My husband has been looking for new eyeglasses for a while now. We tried the mall eyeglass place, at least three times. Each time the wait for talking to a customer service rep was at least 30 minutes long. Finally, we gave up and went online to search out his new glasses.
We found They offer direct from the factory prices, with no middlemen. They only sell their own brand, which makes it easy to pick a style out. Their prices were crazy cheap, too! We decided to go with to buy his cheap eyeglasses.

I saw that they had an option called Zenni Frame Fit. You can upload a photo of your face and see how the different frames fit your face. I uploaded a pic I had of my husband, he loved it! We tried on at least 10 different styles until we found the perfect pair for him. The most expensive pair on the site was only $46. That is an amazing bargain compared to the mall chain store. My hubby loves that vintage 50s style, like Buddy Holly. We were torn between style #239621 and #484321. The site had a convenient feature in which you can save your favorite styles when you want to come back to browse the site. Using their Frame Fit feature, we finally decided on style #484321.

Once we placed our order, we waited about a week for the glasses to arrive. We couldn’t believe that the shipping for US customers was only $4.95!
When he tried them on, they looked perfect! When he went to work the next day, all of his co-workers complimented him on his new glasses.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Assistive Technology for my painful hands

Dragon annoys  me sometimes, so I usually end up using other "assistive technology" devices. The mouse is the worst for me. I have used two different foot mouses (feet mice?? :). The first one had two large click pedals. The pedals were close together and stiff, so it was hard to use.

Foot Mouse

Then I bought a large slipper type foot mouse, like a giant mouse for the foot, with a large mouse pad, and a separate piece for clicking the buttons. I really like this one, but it doesn't work well with  my new computer. Here is the one I like. I bought it on ebay for much cheaper than the list price:

Head Mouse

I started using all these about 5 years ago. I've since gotten better, but want to start using them again.

                                                               Here is the first model I used.

That was a joke. We made a fake one to spoof my husband's boss. He almost bought it!!

In addition to the foot mouse, I use a head mouse. I have the Smartnav 3. It was expensive, so I asked for it for Christmas.
You can probably buy the 3 on ebay for way cheaper now.

Here is the Smartnav 4 head mouse, just to see how it's used.
The hat has a reflective strip at the front, you can also stick extra strips onto anything else, like your forehead, earlobe, etc.

Initially I used the head mouse, with a voice  software. Dragon was too slow. Then I used just the voice clicking part. It makes a giant grid with numbers then you say "click 36" to click on that area.

I will say that even with all this, it was slow and frustrating. I usually ended up using my mouse and keyboard.

Trackball Mouse

So, now that I'm better, I limit my typing and computer use to at most 2 hours per day. Best is 1 hour. I use a special mouse that has a giant ball in the middle. A friend lent it to me.

I know this is a lot of information, I just wanted to throw out the other options to make it mouse free.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Flexibility and more

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

It’s a lot of fun having the flexibility of owning your own business but it’s also a whole heck of a lot of work. I don’t know if I just had unrealistic expectations or what but to be honest, I didn’t realize my life was going to be so taken over by my commitment to this store. I’ve been in the business now for about 4 years and though you might think things would be easier by now there are still challenges that come up every week that there’s really no way to prepare for. For example, I did a lot of research about technology when I opened the place – I hired a great IT guy and went to smallbusiness xo and really just looked into all the details. I was good to go! But that sure didn’t prepare me for when the city cut my power line last month and I didn’t have power for four whole days. Things like that just can’t be anticipated and you’ve got to be flexible enough to get past them when they happen, you know?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Doing the thing: Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Doing the thing

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

What was I thinking being out here all by myself? There’s no real reason for a single woman my age to buy a house all by herself on the coast of Maine but that’s exactly what I did, for no real reason whatsoever. I guess it had something to do with the idea that things are just calmer at the beach, more peaceful. I was really sick and tired of the city life and I thought moving up here would make me a calmer person and I’d have time to finally do all the things I’ve been wanting to do for so long. What really happened, though, was I started spending all my time working on this ramshackle house and worrying about the boogeyman all the way out here! I went to and got an alarm and I have a great contractor but I just didn’t think this was the way I was going to feel once I moved in. Oh well, I guess you can’t win them all in life!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spices jumbled in your cupboard?

Do you love to cook? Does your family savor and delight in your cooking? Are you proud of your large spice collection?
If you're like me, you have a cabinet full of spices. They are jumbled in there, hidden behind each other. You can't find the one you want. And, some of them are so beautiful that you want to show them off.

Why stuff your spices in a cupboard? Why not buy a beautiful spice rack for your kitchen? You could install a wall spice rack, or order freestanding spice racks for your counter. Don't you think you deserve some new kitchen spice racks?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update on Butterick B4790 Retro Dress Pattern

Well, I am so glad that I Googled this pattern! I didn't just read all the positive reviews, which is my tendency. I actually read the negative reviews, especially the ones with detailed reasons for disliking it.
I made a muslin from a slippery material I had lying around, which is a whole other topic. I sized the dress to fit my pear shape.

Butterick B4790 Retro Dress Pattern
(Click picture to go to the Butterick site)

Then I put it on.  I had clothes underneath, not a slip, but I was swimming in it. I am 5' 3.5" which makes me petite in height. My hips are about 40," my waist is 30" and my bra size is 36B. I can wear a small top and a large bottom. I'm that pear shaped. And short. So, the volume of fabric in this dress makes it look like a robe on me. It only accentuated my wide hips, did nothing to flatten my belly, and did nothing to enhance my small chest. I looked like a girl playing dress up with her mom's clothes.

So, I scrapped this dress.

I am now onto a Retro Butterick dress pattern that is turning out very nicely. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My other kitty Dot!

We adopted Dot on December 1st 2010. Her full name  is now Miss Dot Talk-a-Lot. She lets us know, very loudly, when she wants food, which is all the time. At first she was very scared and lived in her own special room for about a month. Then she slowly came out into the house. Now she only uses the litter box in that room. She eats near Buster, our other kitty, and everything.

Here she is on our little couch. At first I didn't even see Buster hiding in all that clean laundry! Look at her stretching her little paws out at us!! She is adorable!

My kitty Buster!

This is Mr Buster Fluffy Pants. He is about 3 years old now. He loves to play with dum dum lollipops. Isn't he gorgeous?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buy Your Next Sports and Concert Tickets at Today!

Do you love going to concerts?  HOw about sports events? Do you love making it easy to get the tickets? Do you remember when you used to have to call your favorite arena or stadium and wait on hold, or keep hanging up when you heard the dial tone? It took hours out of your day, and, you weren't even guaranteed a ticket! They could be sold out while you waited to get through on the phone!

Now, with the website, you not only do not have to use the phone at all, but you can buy the seat that is available, where you want want it, instantly. From the comfort of your own home, you can order your Avril Lavigne Tickets.

Wouldn't you love to see art brought to life? Wouldn't you love to get the Pageant Of Masters Tickets right from home? And, you can get the tickets right in your mailbox. You don't have to drive your car, find a parking spot, wait in line, then drive home.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Find Your Next Degree at Today!

Is this economy freaking you out? Are your co-workers being let go right and left? Do you think having a degree would make your position more secure? You need to check out the sites below.

Or, are you currently underemployed, and to apply to a better job? One with better pay, better benefits, and maybe more job security? Do all the want ads and job listings ask for a Bachelor's Degree?

One of the easiest and simplest ways to obtain your Associates or Bachelors Degree is to look for Online Degrees.You can search from the comfort of your own home. From your couch, your bed, or your desk. No need to search online, even, this is a one stop place to search for your next degree.

Are you an artsy type of person? I sure am. I would love to get a photography degree online. How awesome would that be to attend online degree programs in photography? You could go out snapping photos during daylight, then submit your pics to your professor at night.

Don't think you can afford a degree? Then you need to apply to the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at This is the government aid website, no private loan companies. It's a one stop form to see what you may qualify for. Don't just sit there, check these sites out today to advance your future!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buy Your Arctic Armor Winter Pool Covers from PCPools

It's not too early to start planning for your winter pool needs! It's summertime and your kids are loving life in your pool. Your grill is always smoking away, and your family and friends love coming over to your place in the summer. Your pool is the center of your summertime fun. You don't even need to take a vacation, your house is a vacation in the summer!

Don't disappoint your children and family next summer when you reveal your pool after wintering it over with an inferior pool cover. Imagine the look of distaste on your children's and spouse's faces when you lift off another company's pool cover to show a sheen of algae coating the underside of your pool cover. Arctic Armor Pool Covers have a polyethylene undercovering helps prevent algae on the underside, while a strong UV coating on the exposed side helps protect your pool from the elements. They are 50% tighter in their mesh than the competitors, resulting in limited algae growth over the winter.

Order your winter pool covers at Arctic Armor Pool Cover from PCPools. Above ground pool? No problem! Arctic Armor pool covers are available  for above-ground and in-ground pools. Arctic Armor Pool Covers come with multiple year warranties.

Order your pool covers from PCPools today!

The Steam Team - Carpet Cleaning in Austin and Beyond!

When you think about your carpets, do you think your vacuum does a thorough cleaning job? Do you think you have successfully sucked up all those microscopic dust mites? Well, the average vaccum cleaner does not clean your carpets as well as you hope. That's where professional carpet cleaners come in. If you want the best in professional carpet cleaning in the Austin area, including Carpet Cleaning in Onion Creek.

The Steam Team in Austin serves neighboring communities. Folks in these towns use The Steam Team to carefully and delicately clean their priceless Oriental Rugs. Have you ever tried to vacuum your Oriental Rugs yourself and accidentally sucked up the fringe on the edges. Don't you hate the sound that your vacuum cleaner makes? Avoid that sound, and potential damage of your rugs, by using The Steam Team in Austin!

 Have you found it difficult to locate a reliable, professional carpet cleaning company? These trained professionals meticulously and carefully go over every inch of carpeting in your home, every corner and step, to provide top notch care.  Check out  today!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting to sew Butterick 4790

I ordered an adorable Butterick pattern last year, but never had the energy to make it. A year later, I'm a size larger than the largest size on the pattern, so I am trying to scale the dress up.

I finished cutting out the pattern pieces, now I am cutting out some cheap fabric to make a kind of muslin first.

This is the pattern, isn't it scrumptuous?

I'll keep you updated on my progress. Click here for my next entry on this dress.

Monday, May 30, 2011

INK'd by Coleman - A Time Lapse Tattoo Series produced by Scott Coleman and Joshua Taylor

Have you ever wanted to see someone getting tattooed? Maybe to help you decide if getting a tattoo is for you? Check out my good friend Josh's tattoo video series on Youtube. He has produced many time lapse videos of his friend Scott Coleman inking many tattoo clients.

Check out Video 5 in the series here:

Subscribe to the whole series here:
INK'd by Coleman - A Time Lapse Tattoo Series produced by Scott Coleman and Joshua Taylor

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I got married!

My long time live in boyfriend and I got married last Saturday!! We got married at the historic Holyoke Merry Go Round. It was magical, and super exhausting. Here are some pics.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Neurobotic Transmission Web and Print Design

The Neurobotic Transmission

One of my dearest friends has an outstanding design company. If you know of anyone looking for work, both web design and print design, they need to check his site out.

The Neurobotic Transmission is an interactive design consulting studio located in Washington, DC. Established in 1991, TNT has offered professional creative services for over two decades. We help local organizations grow by building community-driven brands through Online Media, Traditional Print and Social Lifestyle campaigns.

Our Clients

20th Century FOX, AKQA, AOL, Bloomberg LP, Boston Scientific, Citronelle Restaurant, Current Sushi, Discovery Communications, Foote, Cone & Belding, Frankel & Company, Grafik Marketing Communications, Human Rights Campaign, Ogilvy Public Relations, Peace Corps, Public Broadcasting Service, Shurtz/Capriotti, SMWM Architecture, Supon Design Group, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. News Online, While You Were Sleeping Magazine + many, many more!

New Project?

We have partnered with many great industries, which include: Advertising, Architecture, Arts, Broadcast, Design, Education, Food & Beverage, Government, Magazines & Publishing, Marketing, Medical, Music, Nightclub Entertainment, Non-Profit, Public Relations, Small Business and B2B.

Please feel free to contact us at b2b @ (remove spaces) and we will work closely with you to get your new project underway. Welcome to the family!

Friday, April 29, 2011

previously published 4/29/2011 Favorite TV Episode guest post

Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins
I'm so glad I can watch my favorite TV episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" on best choice tv. It makes the show seem clearer and fresher than when I watched it using my old TV antennae.
The episode was the one where Rob and Buddy thought they had seen and heard a UFO when they worked late at the office one night. It was hilarious to watch them first try to convince themselves that they hadn't seen or heard anything. Then, gradually, fear began to grow. The music that was used to intensify the mood of funny fear was used to wonderful effect as they crept through the seemingly empty office building, looking for the "flying saucer".
Of course "The Dick Van Dyke Show" was always a funny program, and I can watch it over and over again. The fact that it is in black and white doesn't matter a bit. It's a comfortable program with characters that I enjoy getting to know now that I'm an older adult. It makes me wish for more innocent times, too.
Nowadays, UFOs are in the news quite often. A person who sees something strange and unidentifiable in the sky is not always looked upon as a nut as they were back in the early sixties.

Monday, April 4, 2011

previously published 4/3/2011 Grab a deal on ink at!

Don't you hate going to your local big box store to search for ink for your printer, and you find that they don't even have your ink brand? Or, they only have one or two for printer models that just came out that year? That's where shopping for your ink cartridges online comes in super handy!

Do you have a Dell printer? Laser or inkjet, one of the best places to buy Dell printer ink is at   Many bricks and mortar stores still only stock inkjet printer ink. Shopping online assures that the store will carry your laser ink cartridges.

One of the bonuses of shopping online is receiving your Dell ink cartridges directly at your house. Nothing beats online shopping for ease of use. It takes just steps to your mail box, versus driving around searching for an empty parking spot. has three ways to locate your Dell ink: a drop down menu showing all the series, a drop down menu showing all the Dell cartridges by number, and a search box. I prefer the searching with the cartridge number menu. Just take your old cartridge out of your printer, and browse all the numbers until you find the one matching yours.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

previously published 4/3/2011 Does your car need repairs? has all the info you need!

Have you seen the website You can search for your car problem in the search box provided, then see many questions and answers by forum members and experts at

I have a much loved 1996 Toyota Corolla with under 160,000 miles on it. Recently the automatic transmission had to have an overhaul, and searching I found information about that issue. I then found a tab called just for reported problems.  You search for your make, model and  year and it lists repairpal verified known issues. Who knew that my car's automatic transmission has problems shifting at high mileages?! That sounds like it might be just a little bit important to know when driving on the highway!

I then searched for my boyfriend's car, a 1999 VW Golf  at  Geez, his car has some known issues, too. I told him some of them, like issues with his engine overheating, and also difficulty when shifting at high speeds. I read these aloud to him, and he agreed that those would be very good to know about! I am going to forward this website to my friends and family members. also has Recalls for every car, Questions and Answers for each car, Ratings & Reviews for those looking to buy a car. They have repair estimates, a search feature to find a local repair shop and the ability to create an account and save individual cars to your account. Really, has everything one could want in a site devoted to car repairs. These are just some of the categories about auto repair that this has, there are many more.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looking for cute Scrubs? has just what you're looking for!

Blue Sky Scrubs started out making cute and unique surgical scrub caps. They expanded to now include discount medical scrubs. Their uniform scrubs and caps are not sold in stores, just at Blue Sky Scrubs.

Check out this super cute nursing scrub uniform in jet black:

Customers' testimonials rave about the comfort and durability of Blue Sky Scrubs. Nurses and other medical professionals say that these are the nicest looking and feeling discount medical scrubs they have ever owned.

You could drive to your nearest big box store and pay money for cheaply made, scratchy, uncomfortable scrubs. Or, you could order discount medical scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs from the comfort of your own home, and receive them in your mail. You never have to leave your house!

Nurses claim that they have never received so many compliments about these scrubs. Medical professionals rave about how comfortable these scrub uniforms feel when worn.

Blue Sky Scrubs also offers custom made scrubs.  Trained tailors custom cut and sew tops and bottoms. A custom top or custom bottom is only $37.00, and delivery is only 4-8 weeks.

Besides discount medical scrubs and custom scrubs, Blue Sky Scrubs offers the most affordable baby scrubs and children's scrubs. What an adorable layette gift.

Check out today!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011