Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you need internet exposure? Do you have a Google Place listing?

Do you feel the need to make your business more prominent on the internet? Do you have a bricks and mortar store only, without a website or Facebook page? Then you must consider using to help drive business to you via their local search optimization. Local search optimization is the process of bumping your business' internet search results to a higher position on the results page. Most people just use the first page of results listings, so if you are on the second page of listings, you will not get as much business traffic.

Their company uses local business marketing to drive customers to your Google Place page and your Bing Local page. What are those, you ask? Google Place pages  and Bing Local pages present an internet user with the details of your business: its name, what you provide, your location with a link to Google Maps with directions if the user needs them, your hours and your contact information. So, for example, if someone in your town were to search for Liquor Store and the name of your town and state, only the local liquor stores with a Google Place page would show up first on the search results page. Showing up first is the goal with any internet search engine. So, your competitors will show up, and the user will probably consider those shops over yours, if you are listed.

Using local search engine marketing, this company takes control and fills in your listings. They keep you updated with any changes that you specify.  Instead of or in addition to investing in expensive Yellow Pages that are slowly fading away in popularity with the use of the internet, instantly increase your traffic to your business using RevLocal. RevLocal will help you every step of the way, especially if you are new to internet based marketing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Considering exhibiting at a trade show or craft fair? Here is some info about setting up.

Is your company thinking about exhibiting at trade shows? Are you confused about what types of items to buy to display your name and logo? Are you a crafter considering setting up a tent at a craft fair? Are you a Renaissance Fair exhibitor? Below I will explain about the different branded items you can use to advertise and display your goods and services.
Your most important item is the tent or canopy. You will use this to stand behind, with large branding on the top tent, and optional branded side walls. You will set up your tables and chairs inside. You can go with a plain white one, with steel frames, for the most cost effective option. Or you could go with a sunproof single color or multi color logo canopy that pops up, with no tools needed. These ones are lighter with aluminum frames and easy height adjustment.

A bright and colorful draw to your trade show exhibit is using trade show carpet. This isn't plain solid colored carpeting. This is colorfully branded carpet tiles that you lay under your canopy and extend out a couple feet. This is an inviting entryway to your exhibit.

If you want more impact and draw to your booth, you could also add logo mats around your booth. You could place these on top of the trade show carpeting, or if you wanted a simpler look, you could just use the logo mat. These act as a sort of welcome mat to your exhibit.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Batteryheads is your source for digital camera batteries!

Do you love your digital camera? Do you carry it with you and snap pictures all the time? Are you always taking pictures of  your children? If you answered yes, then you know how quickly your battery dies out.

Remember the days when you could go to any pharmacy or department store and they would replace your battery for you? Now, no one even stocks all the types of batteries that we use on a regular basis.

There is an excellent website that sells all the different brands and types of digital camera batteries. carries Dell laptop batteries digital camera batteries from at least sixteen different brands. Your battery will definitely be found there.

In addition, the site sells AC adapters, battery chargers, camcorder batteries, DC adapters, external batteries, laptop batteries and surveying batteries.

Don't wait for your battery to die out and leave you with a non-functional camera. Buy ahead and stock up.

Pictures of my Baby Deer & Kitten vintage Laura Wheeler Quilt Embroidery!

Finally, I have some pictures of the embroidery I did of the vintage Laura Wheeler Baby Deer & Kitten  Quilt patterns! I love love love them! I love vintage images, and I especially love baby animals. I hung them on the wall, next to the old christmas fabric decorations. Eventually I want to fill the wall with these baby animals. I love how they look in the embroidery hoops, they make the perfect wall decor.

I used an outline stitch on the black deer, and a detached chain stitch for the leaves,  a simple regular stitch for the flowers, and french knots for the centers of the flowers. I used three strands for the black animals. I used six strands for the flower petals, three for the french knots and three for the leaves.

I initially used a chain stitch on the flower petals, but then the flowers became too big.  My husband also pointed out that the flowers then looked to be too much in the foreground, and they should be in the background. I used pink for the flowers because that's what I had on hand, and I love pink.

For the kitten, I used a basic back stitch. The outline stitch on the baby deer looks great, but it took forever to do, and the back stitch takes so much less time, and looks just about as good.

I'm currently working on a baby duck with yellow flowers.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bizzclick - The Best Pay Per Click Agency

Are you looking for a Pay Per Click agency? Do you want to start advertising on Google or Bing? Do you not know where to start? You're in luck. BizzClick LLP is a premiere Pay Per Click agency.

They are super client friendly. You can advertise within their own network or monetize traffic with them. Their support team is outstanding, running 24/7. Each client has their own personal manager.

Google ads are the way to advertise now on the internet. You can place ads on the top of the search results as a banner, or on the side of the search results page. In addition, you can place ads on websites pertaining to your business. There are limitless sites you can advertise on. BizzClick has a variety of tools for your advertising campaign, and one of the fastest XML feeds available.

BizzClick has their own proprietary traffic ranking system called FiSoAp. This system enables you to get the highest bids for your ads.
If you are a publisher of Pay Per Click ads, they would like to partner with you, as well.

Check them out, you could be earning so much more for your business!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Embroidery Newbie: I made a Baby Deer!

I used to do basic embroidery, way back before the internet. I knew the basic stab stitch. Recently my health got better, and I wanted a craft that I could do in front of the TV. I don't like knitting, it hurts my fingers too much, and sewing with a needle is my true passion.
I am a nut for vintage embroidery images, especially baby animals. I found a bunch on flickr. My faves were ones from the Laura Wheeler company. These were advertised in the newspapers way back when. You would mail away for them, usually for pennies. They had all kinds of handwork patterns. There is a baby quilt featuring baby animals on flickr from Laura Wheeler that made me go "squeeee" when I saw it. I immediately made a gallery for it.

Laura Wheeler Baby Quilt Baby Animals to Embroider

A Teeny Tiny Fawn! I just made this. I like to embroider in the hoop, then hang the hoop on the wall. I plan on making most of these animals. I'm currently working on the kitty. I don't love the bear, so I probably won't do that one.

Blogger makes it difficult to make a picture linkable, so I apologize if it doesn't link right. Use this link instead:

I will be posting pics of the finished and in progress embroidery projects this week!
Thanks for looking!
What have you embroidered lately?