Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pictures of my Baby Deer & Kitten vintage Laura Wheeler Quilt Embroidery!

Finally, I have some pictures of the embroidery I did of the vintage Laura Wheeler Baby Deer & Kitten  Quilt patterns! I love love love them! I love vintage images, and I especially love baby animals. I hung them on the wall, next to the old christmas fabric decorations. Eventually I want to fill the wall with these baby animals. I love how they look in the embroidery hoops, they make the perfect wall decor.

I used an outline stitch on the black deer, and a detached chain stitch for the leaves,  a simple regular stitch for the flowers, and french knots for the centers of the flowers. I used three strands for the black animals. I used six strands for the flower petals, three for the french knots and three for the leaves.

I initially used a chain stitch on the flower petals, but then the flowers became too big.  My husband also pointed out that the flowers then looked to be too much in the foreground, and they should be in the background. I used pink for the flowers because that's what I had on hand, and I love pink.

For the kitten, I used a basic back stitch. The outline stitch on the baby deer looks great, but it took forever to do, and the back stitch takes so much less time, and looks just about as good.

I'm currently working on a baby duck with yellow flowers.

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