Wednesday, August 27, 2008

local cutie patooties

We leave our door open to the porch as much as possible. I love inviting in the friendly bugs, the mosquitoes and flies ( unfortunately for them) get caught and fed to our house spiders. We are such weirdos, I know. My father makes a pity face at us whenever we talk about how cute they are, or the babies that emerge. I know he's thinking: these two need a kitten, or even a human baby.

Thankfully, our neighbor has an indoor/outdoor cat (he is only one of two of our neighbors grandfathered into the no cats policy) in which to indulge our need to coo and pet and fuss. Max is street smart, he never seems to venture far, just around the complex, and through the field, I mean, his field. He will not tolerate any other animal in there. We've finally sweetened him up enough to come in and hang out (tuna always helps). Sometimes he even takes a 1 minute kitty nap in the homemade meant for shelter animals cat bed I made.

Here he is:

We get tons of ladybugs, endlessly circling the edge between the wall and the ceiling. I've finally started taking pity on them and moving them outside. Here is a photo montage of my releasing her, using macro on my digital camera. She went under the teeny tiny maple tree (I think) to hide and drink some moss water.

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