Friday, April 29, 2011

previously published 4/29/2011 Favorite TV Episode guest post

Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins
I'm so glad I can watch my favorite TV episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" on best choice tv. It makes the show seem clearer and fresher than when I watched it using my old TV antennae.
The episode was the one where Rob and Buddy thought they had seen and heard a UFO when they worked late at the office one night. It was hilarious to watch them first try to convince themselves that they hadn't seen or heard anything. Then, gradually, fear began to grow. The music that was used to intensify the mood of funny fear was used to wonderful effect as they crept through the seemingly empty office building, looking for the "flying saucer".
Of course "The Dick Van Dyke Show" was always a funny program, and I can watch it over and over again. The fact that it is in black and white doesn't matter a bit. It's a comfortable program with characters that I enjoy getting to know now that I'm an older adult. It makes me wish for more innocent times, too.
Nowadays, UFOs are in the news quite often. A person who sees something strange and unidentifiable in the sky is not always looked upon as a nut as they were back in the early sixties.

Monday, April 4, 2011

previously published 4/3/2011 Grab a deal on ink at!

Don't you hate going to your local big box store to search for ink for your printer, and you find that they don't even have your ink brand? Or, they only have one or two for printer models that just came out that year? That's where shopping for your ink cartridges online comes in super handy!

Do you have a Dell printer? Laser or inkjet, one of the best places to buy Dell printer ink is at   Many bricks and mortar stores still only stock inkjet printer ink. Shopping online assures that the store will carry your laser ink cartridges.

One of the bonuses of shopping online is receiving your Dell ink cartridges directly at your house. Nothing beats online shopping for ease of use. It takes just steps to your mail box, versus driving around searching for an empty parking spot. has three ways to locate your Dell ink: a drop down menu showing all the series, a drop down menu showing all the Dell cartridges by number, and a search box. I prefer the searching with the cartridge number menu. Just take your old cartridge out of your printer, and browse all the numbers until you find the one matching yours.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

previously published 4/3/2011 Does your car need repairs? has all the info you need!

Have you seen the website You can search for your car problem in the search box provided, then see many questions and answers by forum members and experts at

I have a much loved 1996 Toyota Corolla with under 160,000 miles on it. Recently the automatic transmission had to have an overhaul, and searching I found information about that issue. I then found a tab called just for reported problems.  You search for your make, model and  year and it lists repairpal verified known issues. Who knew that my car's automatic transmission has problems shifting at high mileages?! That sounds like it might be just a little bit important to know when driving on the highway!

I then searched for my boyfriend's car, a 1999 VW Golf  at  Geez, his car has some known issues, too. I told him some of them, like issues with his engine overheating, and also difficulty when shifting at high speeds. I read these aloud to him, and he agreed that those would be very good to know about! I am going to forward this website to my friends and family members. also has Recalls for every car, Questions and Answers for each car, Ratings & Reviews for those looking to buy a car. They have repair estimates, a search feature to find a local repair shop and the ability to create an account and save individual cars to your account. Really, has everything one could want in a site devoted to car repairs. These are just some of the categories about auto repair that this has, there are many more.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looking for cute Scrubs? has just what you're looking for!

Blue Sky Scrubs started out making cute and unique surgical scrub caps. They expanded to now include discount medical scrubs. Their uniform scrubs and caps are not sold in stores, just at Blue Sky Scrubs.

Check out this super cute nursing scrub uniform in jet black:

Customers' testimonials rave about the comfort and durability of Blue Sky Scrubs. Nurses and other medical professionals say that these are the nicest looking and feeling discount medical scrubs they have ever owned.

You could drive to your nearest big box store and pay money for cheaply made, scratchy, uncomfortable scrubs. Or, you could order discount medical scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs from the comfort of your own home, and receive them in your mail. You never have to leave your house!

Nurses claim that they have never received so many compliments about these scrubs. Medical professionals rave about how comfortable these scrub uniforms feel when worn.

Blue Sky Scrubs also offers custom made scrubs.  Trained tailors custom cut and sew tops and bottoms. A custom top or custom bottom is only $37.00, and delivery is only 4-8 weeks.

Besides discount medical scrubs and custom scrubs, Blue Sky Scrubs offers the most affordable baby scrubs and children's scrubs. What an adorable layette gift.

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