Monday, December 5, 2011

A simple, elegant gift for Christmas. A watch!

          Have you struggled to find a perfect gift for that certain someone for Christmas or Hanukkah? Is your significant other into the latest tech gadgets? Do they always want the newest cell phone? I know that when my husband got his first iPhone and I would ask him what time it was, it seemed a little ridiculous to me to have to wait for him to a. pull it out of his pocket b. power it on, and then c. slide it to on in order for me to know the time.
         I wished he just wore a watch, or better yet, he had bought me a nice watch. It is so elegant to see a watch on a wrist, so classic and gentlemanly. So, I decided to buy him a watch for Christmas this year.  And, I asked for a watch for myself. He doesn't know that he is getting one, too. Shh, it's a surprise!
        We are both recycling nuts and try to do our part for the environment. So, I went to this site a friend had recommended to me to look for 
ladies' watches to see what they had in terms of eco type watches. It turns out that they sell the Citizen Eco Drive watch, both for men and women. These watches require no batteries, so you don't have to be buying batteries constantly, then just throwing them into the landfill. Their prices are ridiculously low, too. I'm not a super girly girl, so I wanted something simple and elegant. They have a ton of selections, some with swarovski crystal.
        I finally decided on this one

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to open it up on Christmas Day!