Monday, November 3, 2008

Long Time No See

[12.6.08 gah, I just reread this post with my boyfriend. I guess I must have been in some pain,, in my HEAD! What a load of errors! ]
I've finally recovered from my cold. Speaking of cold, it's freezing here in Massachusetts. My knees and elbows are not happy. So, instead of hearing them complain all winter, I made some knee warmers. (Hang on there elbows, yours are coming.) I cut one of my bf's old socks in two, snipped the toe off, and had two useful knee warmers. You can also see my mis-matched socks: I wear his old socks when I wear my boots, so the boot tops don't rub against my calves. No one's going to see them, so I don't care what they look like. The knee warmers feel so soft and toasty, I even went outside with my jeans on and felt comfy as a kitten in a sweater sleeve.*

*edited to remove blindingly pale thighs, credit to goma and ichc

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Caf said...

As hilarious as these pics are...where are your pants??